Below are the hire prices for our games and signs. We will arrive, set up, and take down at the end of the day. Our packages offer the best value for money, but we can always add on additional items for a small price. Plus, if you can find similar hire items for less do tell us, because we love a challenge!

To secure you wedding date all we need is a Β£50 deposit!

Package Games Included Cost
A 4 Medium Games Β£350
B 3 Big Games and 3 Medium Games Β£450


Letters Included Cost
Initials Two letters and an & Β£125
Titles Mrs & Mrs

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mr


Prices do not include delivery. The Bowling Alley, Rocket Launch and Duck Shoot are only available in Package B- they are a lot bigger and so take a lot longer to set up Additional games can be added to our packages for Β£100 per large game, and Β£75 per medium games.