Are your games for indoors or outdoors?
Both, you decide.

I can’t decide which games to have!
We ask you to pick a package first, and then finalise which games you want a month before your wedding.

What is the hire period?
For your whole event. We set up in the morning and whisk it all away in the evening usually around 10pm.

Are your games safe for children?
Yes! We make sure there are no sharp or small bits, we just ask you to supervise little ones whilst they play. Though we do find adults are the ones who get competitive.

How do I book?
We will send you a booking form and our T&C’s, after that its just a £50 deposit to secure your day!

How much is Delivery?
It is usually between £10 and £30 as we charge around 40p per mile

Do you do corporate event?
Absolutely- we have special information and advice so pop us a message!