Medium and Large Games

Below are all of the medium and large garden games and carnival games we offer! Take your pick. All games show sizes Height H, Width W, and Depth D in centimetres.

Bowling Alley  Large Game


Bowl over your guests with excitement… Raised just off the ground and with fun characters it is perfect for kids; but don’t go thinking its easy. Being raised off the floor makes its slightly more tricky for adults, and the gully means although your ball is returned to you, you can easily score zero (trust me on that one).                                      H60 x W60 x L240cm

Rocket Launch – Large Game


Intrepid explorers stand at mission control and take it in turns to pull away a stick. The first astronaut in space, is the person with the fewest balls in their bucket when all the sticks have been removed. Are you ready for take off?                                                        H180 x W90 x D90cm

Duck Shoot – Large Game


Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it is just someone throwing a foam dart at a wooden duck to knock it over. Very simple, but devilishly competitive.                                                H180 x W100 x D100cm


Plinco Pinball – Medium Game


The most addictive of our games, especially popular with the big kids. Pull back the plunger and watch the ball plink and plonk down to the scoring zone, or down a hole! Rotate the lever and you are ready to start again!                                                                   H90 x W120 x D60 cm

Ring a Rhino – Medium Game

garden-game-hire-midlands-ring-a-rhino.png                                                                              Save the rhinos by hooping their horns. The highest score after 6 hoops (or missed hoops) is the winner. For every hire we will give a donation to Save The Rhinos International. There are only 2 Northern White Rhinos in the world. Sadly when we made this game there was three, honoured here. Or hon-horned!                                               H180 x W80 x D100cm

Mole Run or Galloping Gopher – Medium Games


Mole Run (Green) Push and pull the ropes to guide the balancing ball around the course to the finishing hole. This looks simple, but it is not as easy as it looks!

Galloping Gopher (Orange) Push and pull the ropes again, but this time it is even more fiendishly tricky. Take it from experience, you will keep playing till you win!

Both games H180 x W80 x D100 cm

Table Football – Medium Game


Full sized table. Simple and fun. Something everyone knows and loves! We would like to suggest the blue team are Coventry City (PUSB)!                                                                       H80 x W140 X D70cm

Gonks – Medium Game


Throw the hoops for a challenge or bean bags for something easier. Most points win. Simple to understand, but more difficult than you think. Plus don’t they make you smile.

Cascade – Medium Game


Turn the wheel and catch the balls, highest score wins. Simple to play but will keep you wanting to beat your score.