Large Games

Bowling Alley

Bowl over your guests with excitement… Raised just off the ground and with fun characters it is perfect for kids; but don’t go thinking its easy. Being raised off the floor makes its slightly more tricky for adults, and the gully means although your ball is returned to you, you can easily score zero (trust me on that one). H60 x W60 x L240cm                                      

Rocket Launch

Intrepid explorers stand at mission control and take it in turns to pull away a stick. The first astronaut in space, is the person with the fewest balls in their bucket when all the sticks have been removed. Are you ready for take off?  H180 x W90 x D90cm

Duck Shoot

Is it a bird, is it a plane… no it is just someone throwing a foam dart at a wooden duck to knock it over. Very simple, but devilishly competitive. H180 x W100 x D100cm

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