Small Lawn Games

Small package of lawn games

Our small garden games package is made up of classic lawn games. It includes: Hearts and Kisses, Target Board, Jenga, Cross 4, Ball in a Bucket, Pick Up Sticks, Fishing Game and Hoopla.

It’s super quick and easy to set up these games, so we do them in a DIY package. Just pick them up from us before your wedding, and drop them off a few days later. They fit in the boot of most cars too. It is only £100 if you DIY (Package A), and £120 + delivery if you want a helping hand from us (Package B)!

These lawn games have so many benefits. They are a cheap way to bring some fun and laughter to your day. These games are with you for your whole day, so can be played whenever the mood takes you and your guests. They are classic games, that many people will remember from their childhood. We all used to love Jenga! They are perfect to pop on a lawn or courtyard.